Family Support Team

COVID 19 update

Parenting in a Pandemic! The Educational Psychology Service are offering a weekly support chat: 

"Everyone is welcome to join the call, whether you have a toddler or teenager and it is your opportunity to join other parents, to share your frustrations, ask for advice, share hints and tips or just listen to the experience of other parents to know you are not alone." 

Ioin the call each week please use this link at 3:30pm each Wednesday.


Many services are offering virtual support for parents during COVID school closures. Facebook and other social media platforms are a great place to start looking for support groups/ coffee mornings and stay connected with other parents. 

Some that we have found useful are: Family Ties Lockdown Life, Motherwell, Visyon, Wishing Well, The Brooks Children's Centre. 

Make sure you follow Gainsborough's Facebook page to stay up to date.


The Family Support Manager at Gainsborough works closely with parents and children to promote attendance, positive relationships, safeguarding concerns and aims to reduce any barriers to learning.

The Family Support Manager regularly supports parents and families to seek advice and support from a number of services. 

Parent Groups and Courses

You may have heard of 123 Magic, Triple P parening, Wishing Well, Heart to Heart with Family Ties. These bespoke courses are so successful because they are written specifically for the needs identified by the parents themselves. 

Early Help Brokerage 

Some families may benefit from support and advice at home. Families may be directed to the Early Help Brokerage Team for a number of reasons, including; support with behaviour, improve attendance, parent child relationships, domestic abuse or other safeguarding worries such as substance misuse. 

Loss and Bereavement

Children can be referred for loss and bereavement counselling if they are struggling after a loss of a family member, close friend or pet. 

Domestic Abuse 

We are fortunate to have a multitude of services for supporting those experiencing domestic abuse. See file below for available services. If you are experiencing domestic abuse and are concerned this will be impacting your children at Gainsborough, please book an appointment to speak to Miss Epps. 

Food Parcels 

If you would like some support in the form of a food parcel, please contact Miss Epps through the main office. Perhaps give St. Pauls Food Pantry a follow on Facebook, or CHANCE social supermarket. 


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