Essential Information

Below is a list of essential information that you may find helpful:


Line-up in the morning: Please help your child line up outside their classroom door in the mornings. The children are learning to line up smartly and quietly!

Equipment and activities in Foundation: The school does not allow children to play on any playground equipment before or after school. Also please do not allow children to play with the activities under the covered area as these learning areas will be set-up ready for our school day.

Coat peg trolleys: The trolleys where your children will be able to hang their coats up, will either be inside the classroom area or outside on the grass in front of each classroom door (this is dependent on the weather). If it is outside then your child is able to place their things on it before they enter the classroom and collect their things after they have left the classroom at the end of the day. The trolleys are also used to store PE kits.

Lunchboxes: Please could your child place their lunchboxes on top of their coat trolley. Their lunchboxes should be clearly labelled on the outside.

School Lunches: Children are offered a daily hot coice of school meal or can alternatively choose lunch from the sub bar. The chidren order their lunches independently each morning, you can help by chatting about the menu and helping your child to decide what they would like to eat before  the school  day. A copy of the menu is avalable from the school office and is displayed in the kitchen window for your reference. 

Money in envelopes: Milk money, dinner money etc. is to be placed in a sealed, named envelope stating the amount contained, what it is for and class number e.g. Joe Smith, £1, milk money, Class 2. It can then be posted in the blue post box in the corridor as you enter school, or submitted at the school office. Please be aware, staff are not allowed to collect or handle any money. 

Milk: Once your child turns five, they will no longer receive free milk. The cost is £1 per week.

Water bottles: Please make sure that your child has a named water bottle with them every day. This should only contain water.

Bookbags: Please ensure that your child has their clearly named bookbag (these can purchased from the office) with them every day.

- Jumpers, Cardigans and Coats: Please ensure that all of your child’s clothing is clearly named.

- Change to adult collecting your child: If there is a change to the adult who will be collecting your child at the end of the day then it is essential that you let the class teacher, teaching assistant or school office know. This is for your child’s safety. If we are not informed, we will be unable to let your child leave school.

Newsletter: Each week your child will bring home a school and EYFS newsletter. These important documents will share whole school news and provide information on learning in class.

Stay and Play: Parents, carers and extended family will be invited to regular ‘Stay and Play’ sessions. This is a half an hour session that allows you to come into your child’s class to share in activities that they do in school. These sessions will not commence for several weeks until we feel that all the children are fully settled in Reception. We will let you know dates of sessions in advance.

Files to Download

Be Ready, Be Respectful, Be Safe