Please help your child to learn their  keywords that will be sent home on keyrings. New words will be added as your child grows in confidence and is ready for new learning.

We will keep the website up to date with each set of keywords so that you are able to monitor your childs progress and support learning at home. 

All the children are currently working to recognise, read, write and independently spell their  keywords.

These are:

  • a
  • am
  • I
  • at
  • in

(Set One)

  • is
  • it
  • my
  • on
  • to

(Set Two)

  • up
  • we
  • and
  • can
  • the

(Set Three)

  • go
  • he
  • me
  • no
  • of

(Set Four)

  • all
  • are
  • big
  • cat
  • dad

(Set Five)

  • day
  • dog
  • for
  • get
  • mum

(Set Six)

Summer Term

When the children have learnt to sight read the majority of the Reception keywords a spelling book may be sent home. Please support your child's learning by encouraging them to complete their spellings each week.  




Be Ready, Be Respectful, Be Safe