Special Educational Needs & Disability (SEND)

Gainsborough Primary and Nursery School is an inclusive school that aims to provide a caring, supportive and accessible environment in which all pupils are valued equally and are given the opportunity to develop their full potential. We provide a nurturing environment and aim to fully include children with special educational needs and/or disabilities in all aspects of school life. Some children with high levels of need may follow a more personalised curriculum tailored to their individual needs. Within our school, there is a wide range of expertise, strategies and resources that enable staff to embrace our inclusive ethos. This includes provision for children with emotional, social and behavioural needs, as well as academic needs. 

The SEND Team are available to talk to you if you feel that your child has any additional needs. They will work with you, the class teacher and your child and, where it is felt to be of benefit, they will approach outside agencies for further advice and support. Our aim is to work co-operatively to the benefit of each child.


We usually offer a weekly drop-in for parents/carers to talk to the SENDCo to discuss any additional needs that your child may have.  As we cannot currently accept visitors in school due to Covid regulations, SENDCo drop-ins have been suspended until further notice.  In the meantime, if you would like to discuss your child's SEND needs please telephone or e-mail the school office to arrange a telephone appointment with your child's class teacher.  Please specify if you would also like the SENDCo or a member of the SEND Team to be present during the call.   


Special Educational Needs & Disability Co-ordinator (SENDCo): Mr Simpson

SENDCo Support: Mrs Roberts and Mrs Spencer

Family Support Manager: Miss Epps

SEND Governors: Mr Frogatt and Mr Powell

You can contact the SEND Team here: admin@gainsborough.cheshire.sch.uk


The Local Offer from Cheshire East:

Local Authorities identify education, health and social care services in their local area provided for children, young people and families who have special educational needs or disabilities. They include them in an information directory called the Local Offer.

Cheshire East's Local Offer can be accessed by clicking here.


Cheshire East Information, Advice and Support (CEIAS):

The Cheshire East Information, Advice and Support team (CEIAS) offers free confidential and impartial information, advice and support to parents and carers of children who have special educational needs or disabilities (SEND).

You can find further information about their service by clicking here.


To view the SEND school policy please click the link below to visit the school policies web page: http://www.gainsboroughschool.co.uk/page/policies/27030

Files to Download

Be Ready:

- To Listen and Learn
- To Share
- To Follow Instructions
- To Work Hard and Do Your Best
- To Help and Be Kind

Be Respectful:

- Think About Others
- Use Good Manners
- Choose the Right Behaviours
- Talk to Others in the Right Way
- Accept and Celebrate our Differences

Be Safe:

- Play and Learn Safely
- Report Bullying or Unkind Behaviour
- Move Around School Carefully
- Tell an Adult if You Don't Feel Safe
- Look After Each Other

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