Starting school is a major step in any child’s life.  It is an exciting time and to help make the experience successful and pleasurable we arrange an induction programme of visits for pupils before they become full time members of the school.

Parents are invited to come along to find out about all aspects of school life and share any relevant information about their child with school, so that every pupil starts feeling secure and happy.


Nursery Admissions

The Nursery is the first class in the school and parents are invited to register their child with the School Office.  Our Nursery has places for 26 children.

Admission to the Nursery is decided by the Governing Body of the school on the basis of the Cheshire East Local Authority policy.  This gives priority to children in need, as defined by the Children Act 1989, and children with Special Educational Needs, as defined by the Education Act 1993. Admission to the Nursery classes is decided by:

  • Age of the child
  • Siblings already in the school
  • Residential location to the school

If you require any further information, then please contact the School Office.


In Year Admissions

Details of the current admission arrangements are available from the Cheshire East website:

If you live in England, you must apply on your 'home' local authority's application form (i.e. the local authority where you live) even if you are applying for a school maintained by another authority.


Applications for school places 'in year' are for admission after the first day of the school year into any year group. You will need to complete the in year application form which will be forwarded to your school/s of choice. 

Please contact 0300 123 5012 with any queries for applications for a school within Cheshire East.

If you wish to apply for a school in another local authority, you will need to contact the relevant authority to find out how to make an application.


September 2024 Applications

You can now apply online for a school place in September 2024 to:

  • Start school in Reception
  • Transfer to a Secondary School

Please note: if you are not resident in Cheshire East, but live in another English Local Authority, you must apply via your home local authority even if your preference is for a Cheshire East school.

Key Dates for Admission 2024

School Type Application Opening Date Application Closing Date Offers Available Online Deadline for Accepting/Declining Place
Starting Reception 1st September 2023 15th January 2024 16th April 2024 30th April 2024
Transfer to Secondary Year 7 or Studio School Year 10 1st September 2023 31st October 2023 1st March 2024 15th March 2024



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