Gainsborough is a caring and considerate school, where the trust and relationships that we build make us part of a huge family. One of the ways that we have developed ‘Family Gainsborough’ is through the high standards of behaviour we expect from our pupils. For the benefit of all children, school rules are made and should be adhered to and there are consequences for those pupils who break them. However, if rules are followed, there are a variety of rewards for the pupils to celebrate their positive behaviour choices.

Here are Gainsborough we strongly believe that positive relationships are key to support childen with their behaviour choices.  To that end adults within the school will:
-  ‘Meet, greet, connect, direct, correct,’ each pupil with a smile every morning as they arrive at their classroom
- Praise pupils in public - ‘spot pupils being good’.

- Each class has a 'Class Recognition Board’ for those pupils who go above and beyond in terms of behaviour and effort linking to our 3 Golden Rules.
- Keep promises
- Give Spot Rewards to the class where appropriate

Gainsborough’s Golden Rules

At Gainsborough we follow the three rules:

1) Be ready

2) Be respectful

3) Be safe


Daily & Weekly Rewards

To encourage children to follow the Golden Rules we recognise and reward positive behaviour in many other ways:

- Verbal praise

- Raffle tickets – to enter a draw for end of year prizes

- Stickers and certificates

- Positive texts and phone calls home

- Share good behaviour with other adults within the school community

- Celebration Cup Winners’ Assembly

- On the spot rewards

- Name on the reconition board


At Gainsborough we aim to promote positive attitudes and outstanding behaviour. We strongly encourage you to contact the school if you have any concerns regarding the welfare or education of your child and we ask for parental support in all matters of discipline. We recognise the crucial role parents play in shaping the attitude and behaviour of their children. Like you, we want the very best for your child academically and emotionally and we hope that the behaviour policy contributes towards this.

For the behaviour policy please click the below link to the policy webpage:






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Be Ready, Be Respectful, Be Safe