At Gainsborough we recognise the importance of providing a curriculum that ensures not only breadth and balance, but also creativity and enjoyment,  whilst maintaining a focus on pupil attainment.

Our curriculum is bespoke to our pupils and the community in which they live. 

At Gainsborough Primary and Nursery School we believe that the curriculum is a powerful tool that promotes a lifelong love of learning and a willingness to explore. It includes not only the formal requirements of the National Curriculum but it is enriched by our strong ethos, which is based on respect for ourselves and others.  We are a 'no outsiders' school, the message of which, threaded throughout the curriculum, enables our children to understand and respect the benefits that exist in a society where difference and diversity are celebrated. 

We aim to teach children how to grow into positive, responsible people who can work and co-operate with others while developing knowledge and skills so that they can achieve their full potential. Our children will have the opportunity to be creative, to be physically active and to be academically challenged.

The curriculum is taught with the consideration of the needs of all learners; inclusion is at its heart, as is overcoming any social disadvantage. 

If you have any queries regarding our curriculum or would like to know how to support your child, then please do not hesitate to contact the school.

Please see 'curriculum statement' below for more information about our curriculum intent, implementation and impact.

Subject specific intent, implementation and impact can be found in each individual subject page, under 'curriculum'. 

For the curriculum policy, please visit the school policies on the below link


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Be Ready, Be Respectful, Be Safe