PTA Committee

Chair:  Natalie O’Neill

Vice Chair:  Emma Hartley

Secretary:  Helen Musker

Treasurers: Mrs Zoe Doyle 


Did you know every parent is a member of the PTA? Did you also know it is possible to help out at PTA events without being a member of the PTA Committee?

If you would like to volunteer to help at events (one, some or all, it’s up to you) then please contact ourselves by email at [email protected]

We are always looking for Parents, Carers or Friends to help coordinate or help out at the various events – this doesn’t involve too much so please don’t run a mile!  In many cases we just need some people to help run a stall for a little while or help to set up or clear away after an event. We may also need volunteers to issue tickets, create posters, purchase refreshments, help out at coffee mornings and much more!  Everyone has something to give and we always welcome new ideas and suggestions.
Our PTA, however, is about much more than simply fundraising! It exists to provide closer links between home and school and it is an excellent way to bring staff, parents and friends together socially in support of the school, working towards a common goal. It is fun too - just ask any of the Committee members or our many valued helpers. We would also like parents to let us know what they want from the PTA. What sort of events are you most interested in for example.
The PTA is open to all and coming along to a meeting doesn't mean you need to sign up to every meeting. There are lots of little and infrequent jobs you can help with, particularly at our events.


How Can You Get More Involved?

Events and Ideas

We are always looking for new ideas or people who can help run stalls etc so maybe you can help with this – send us your ideas, the more the merrier!



We regularly send out requests for donations for cake stalls and raffles – if you can help in any way this would be really appreciated!



Do you have a few hours spare some weeks, maybe you could help buy food or drinks for a certain event (we give you the money for this). Many of us work, so help of this nature is great!  Just a few hours here and there really helps!



Do you have any contacts that might be helpful to the school PTA, do you know any bingo callers, people with marquees, any treacle toffee suppliers – any new contacts or leads would be great.


£ for £

Some places of work offer £ for £ or “employment match funding” – this is where a company will match the money raised at an event if its staff member takes part. If you work for an organization that might do this and would like to £ for £ or fund match an event we run this would be great – even if it is just for a portion of the money raised it all helps!!



We would be happy to receive ANY comments from parents on ways to improve. Please let us have your new ideas for events or other fundraising activities. All feedback is good and we will even listen to grumbles! We welcome ideas to help us plan events that people want and we would love to try your new ideas. Please contact us via the school office.

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