Leadership Team Priorities

The Leadership Team, which includes the Governing Board, and school staff are firmly focused on ensuring that pupils at Gainsborough Primary & Nursery School achieve their full potential.  For 2022 - 2023  there are five key priorities that we are working on:


Key Priority 1

Leaders at all levels will ensure that consistent, effective practice  leads to good progress across the curriculum.

Key Priority 2

Ensure that the quality of education in the school results in greater numbers of pupils reaching age related standards.  

Key Priority 3

Implement strategies to ensure maximum attendance for academic year 2022 - 2023. 

Ensure consistently high standards for behaviour and attitudes continue to exist in the school. 

Key Priority 4

Secure pupils' mindset for learning and a set od positive personal traits that informs their motivation and their ability to reflect.
Ensure that the school's values, ethos and curriculum lead to pupils who reflect wisely, learn eagerly, behave with integrity and cooperate consistently.

Key Priority 5

Focus on agreed practice in Early Years that leads to greater achievement in the key elements that make up a Good Levelof Development.


Be Ready, Be Respectful, Be Safe