School Meals

Healthy balanced meals are cooked in the school kitchen every day using fresh, locally sourced produce and served in the school hall .  Children may bring a packed lunch if they prefer.  Our school chef invites all children to special meals throughout the year – Valentine’s Day, Easter, Bonfire Night and Christmas.

School lunches should be ordered at morning registration. 

Payment for school meals must be paid in advance of the meal being taken as per the school policy, or for the full week on Monday morning.  

Credit can be held on your child’s account.  If your child incurs debt on their account school will be unable to provide any lunches until the debt is settled. 

Payment should be made via the Arbor app. 

Please ensure that your child likes and will eat the meal on the day that a dinner is ordered.

As part of  a Central Government initiative,  children attending Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 will receive a free school meal.

Please contact the School Office if you require any further information.

Please download a copy of the latest menu below.

Free School Meals

Free meals are available for those children whose parents are in receipt of specific benefits.  If you think you may be eligible then call 0300 123 5012 or ask at the School Office for further information. With new government legislation, we are affected by budget cuts.  One way that you as parents can actively help is by registering for Free School Meals when you are entitled. We understand that some parents would rather not claim the meal BUT the Free School Meal list does bring additional revenue into school which benefits the children

Even if you do not intend to use the Free Meal offer, please register if you are entitled. 



Dinner Money Debt

School dinners cost £2.50 per day. If a dinner debt is incurred, then school will cease to provide a school dinner until the balance is cleared. In the event of a dinner debt, please send your child to school with a packed lunch and continue to make payments until the outstanding amount is paid.  We would advise payments to be made on a daily or weekly basis to avoid mounting costs.



Healthy Snacks

Pupils are taught the importance of eating healthily. During playtimes, they are encouraged to eat healthy snacks. All pupils in the Nursery and Reception classes are provided with free milk up to their 5th birthday. Thereafter, parents of Reception pupils should pay for their child to receive milk at a cost of £1 per week.

The School is a member of the ‘National School Fruit scheme’, which entitles all Nursery, Reception and KS1 children to receive free fruit on a daily basis.  Unfortunately, no scheme is available for KS2 pupils.  To encourage the continuation of healthy eating, the ‘Healthy Eating Snack Bar opens every morning playtime selling fruit juice, milk and toast.

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