Home learning

Supporting your child’s development

There are many parts of your child’s early development that you can support at home, here are some of our goals that you can practice together at home:

  • Early Phonics – practice production of speech sounds, recognising letters and sounds in the environment. Read books and tell stories.
  • Learn to write your name – practice tracing, copying the letters, holding a pencil correctly.
  • Read your name – practice recognising your name in writing and letters from your name.
  • Read and Write numbers beyond 5 – practice reading numbers in the environment, playing number games, tracing and writing numbers.
  • Count objects or actions beyond 10 – practice counting objects and actions and singing number songs.
  • Social skills - practice taking turns, sharing and using good manners. 
  • Independence – practice being more independent with dressing, toileting and other personal tasks.

Be Ready, Be Respectful, Be Safe